Friday, February 22, 2008

Get the supplies in

Unlike every woman on Grand Designs I actually find all the catalogue browsing, mood-boarding and sample collecting for the house really tedious. So it's nice when a supplier is really helpful and friendly. So here are a few such suppliers:
Proctor, who we're speaking to about their Royale Cladding, a timber cladding thats treated on both sides in the factory, for better longevity.

North West Heating, the only heating specialist who could explain to me what's possible just with electricity, without being a patronising ba****d

Rutherford Real Wood, a small firm in the Borders supplying fantastic hardwood flooring

Rules & Regs

Certain areas of the build have had to be redesigned lately due to new building control regs on disability access, apparently. Especially the loo. It seems that regardless of the house not being accessible to wheelchair users, the bathroom has to accommodate a wheelchair user...
Am I missing something?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Still standing

After 2 days there's still quite a bit of shack left on site....Built before the invention of No Nails, the DIY builder who was first on site certainly didnt take any risks. We found the structure to be rather better made than we anticipated. Sledge hammers made little impact, a screw driver was needed to meticulously work on the thousands of joints, and I'm still not sure how to get the Ye Olde toilet out without a serious biohazard on the hillside.
Answers on a postcard please.