Friday, April 18, 2008

Blast from the past

We recently got a lovely letter from the lady we bought the shack from back in 2003.
She is so positive about our plans - as she has been since she accepted our bid for the place even though it wasn't the highest. It's such a contrast to local responses which have been overwhelmingly negative. One complaint at our planning appeal even cited the fact that we might dare to live in the house (as opposed to use it as a 2nd home like most neghbours)- as a reason to refuse planning!
Beverley (the vendor) also included in her letter a 'round robin' update she had circulated to the many friends who had enjoyed the shack in the 60's and 70's - telling them about our plans - "A bathroom suite - we'd have died for the opportunity!!"

Many mini piles

The foundations of our shack were a big problem in our first (unsuccessful) planning app to build here. The tree protection order slapped on the site immediately after we proposed a new house means that usual dug foundations won't do.
This is where Mini Piling comes in - a fantastic technique whereby slender metal rods with concrete are drilled into your ground (stopping when you get to that really chewy bit) in a matrix which can support your steel frame and house.

The very helpful Anvil made us the best offer for the work and completed our 13 piles this week, the first step in the build. Adam met them on site and reports that - as ever-their staff made a right fuss about climbing the site's slope with their kit (which - incredibly - was a handheld drill) despite them being several decades younger than him.

Before the build ends I'd really love it if one of our contractors came on site and instead said "Gosh what an attractive and challenging elevated site you have found here"....